3 Evernote Search Tips You Must Know

Evernote is a multi-platform tools that aims to to replace your brain and helps you remember everything! Not only does it take basic things like “Taking Note” to the next level. For some people it also makes the dream of going “Paperless” a reality.

I personally am a big fan and assume that you have at least tried it if not also an active user. If you not a user currently, I highly recommend that you get started and Michael Hyatt has a a great resources page dedicated to all things Evernote related to help you on your way. [Read more...]

Best Desktop Search Alternatives

Now that Google has announced they are shutting down Google Desktop search, let’s have a look at the best alternatives when it comes to the need to quickly finding that important file on your desktop.
1. Windows/Mac Built in Desktop Search

In many ways, the role of a dedicated desktop search engine has been replaced by the default, built-in operating system search capabilities. The Apple Mac OS desktop search has always been very good, what many people don’t realise is that the new Windows desktop search (Windows Search) that is shipped with Windows 7 is light years ahead of the old, slow, clunky desktop search shipped with previous versions of windows. You can also download it if you are still on Windows XP or Vista.

If you have been burnt by previous versions of Windows desktop search (as I have) and have not tried the latest attempt by Microsoft, I encourage you to give it a go as I think you will be pleasantly surprised! [Read more...]

Tips on How to Search within a Web Page

I recently came across a great post on how bad the state of search skills is within the broad user base. This particular quote from the article not only caught my attention, it really highlighted how bad the problem is and how much improvement there is to be had with a little bit of education.

“90% of computer users do not know how to use CTRL + F (PC) or Command + F (Mac) to search through a document or Web page.”

Oh dear me! and here I am preaching about advanced Boolean expression and specialist search engines.

I guess we better get back to some of the basics. [Read more...]

How To Search Twitter, Revisited

Now that Google has removed real-time search as an option, where should you go to find treasures on the twittersphere?
Well, you could always try searching on twitter.com/search which I think most people will probably fall back to. By digging into advanced search options, you can indeed be quite effective searching using the twitter.com search engine. There are however, alternatives for people who wants more capabilities and features when it comes to searching through twitterspehere.

Topsy is one such search engine that has been in this game for a while and according to their website, differentiates by:

“Topsy’s algorithms dynamically identify influencers within the Social Web for any searchable criteria, using these influence calculations to rank results. This means realtime search results are highly relevant & devoid of noisy stream of conscious content.”

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to try it out: [Read more...]

Are You Searching Within Your Own Personal Bubble?

I am a big fan of the TED’s series of seminars and recently came across a really interest talk called “Beware online “filter bubbles” By Eli Pariser.
The simple premise presented during this seminar is that search personalisation where search engines track you and try to tailor the results based on your past searching and clicking history has gone too far.

The funny things is that not that long ago, “Results tailored to you” was supposed to be a positive, now somehow its a bad thing? I think personalisation still plays a role when it comes to fact based searching. For example, being in IT myself, I am perfectly fine with search engines filtering out things related to Java (the coffee variety!) and focus on the programming language when I do search for the term “Java”. For a coffee lovers on the other hand, the results should focus on the other variety. [Read more...]