Death of Yahoo Directory


Whilst I am not sure anyone still uses the Yahoo directory service, the recent announcement of its permanent death still marks a significant milestone in terms of the evolution of information retrieval on the Internet.

I still remember the first time I visited the Yahoo directory site (which was the home page for for those of you old enough to remember it!) and the excitement of being able to easily navigate to any number of useful and relevant sites that have been nicely categorised in a hierarchical structure. [Read more…]

3 iOS 8 features that can help you manage information on the go

Ember.pngApple’s latest iOS 8 operating system included major functionality improvements that are not visually obvious straight after the upgrade but are incredibly powerful once you master them.

I have had some time playing with iOS 8 on both my iPhone and iPad. While I won’t go into the detail of every single new features as that would turn this blog post into a book and there are others like Federico Viticci who are more qualified than me in detailing the evolution of iOS, I do want to share the 3 features that I found to be significant in terms of how one can process and manage information better using an iOS 8 powered device on the go. [Read more…]