Best Desktop Search Alternatives


Now that Google has announced they are shutting down Google Desktop search, let’s have a look at the best alternatives when it comes to the need to quickly finding that important file on your desktop. 1. Windows/Mac Built in Desktop Search

In many ways, the role of a dedicated desktop search engine has been replaced by the default, built-in operating system search capabilities. The Apple Mac OS desktop search has always been very good, what many people don’t realise is that the new Windows desktop search (Windows Search) that is shipped with Windows 7 is light years ahead of the old, slow, clunky desktop search shipped with previous versions of windows. You can also download it if you are still on Windows XP or Vista.

If you have been burnt by previous versions of Windows desktop search (as I have) and have not tried the latest attempt by Microsoft, I encourage you to give it a go as I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

2. Dedicated Desktop Search Engine Software

On the other hand, why would you still consider installing dedicated, specialist desktop search software on your PC? I, for one, not only has a dedicated desktop search software, I even paid for it!

Whilst for most people, the default desktop search is more than adequate. A dedicated, specialist desktop search software engine makes a lot of sense for power users in a corporate/work environment.

Compared with using the default windows desktop search, I personally find that I am a lot of efficient and effective using the X1 dedicated desktop search software. Specifically, it offers the following features that justifies its additional costs.

  • More file format support
  • Better performance
  • Instant file preview and quick access to file
  • Better support for corporate environment
  • Remote Search access through iPad/iPhone

Copernic is another desktop search software vendor that offers similar features and have gotten good reviews. Better still, both software offer free trial downloads for you to see if the benefits you get outweighs the costs of the software.

If you consider yourself a power user and am always looking for documents or files at work, then it is definitely worthwhile to give it a go!